Rest Old Tired Joints In A Reclining Chair


Reclining chairs are designed to be comfortable and supportive. It should easily lay back to relieve lower back pain, and help align your spine. The chair should also be easy to get out off, without any additional help. In most cases this is never a problem, but for senior citizens a reclining chair can become an uncomfortable nightmare. Lower seats can make it difficult to get up, along with extra cushioning that you seem to get lost in. Standard recliners can also be difficult for seniors to fully recline.

 Whether you’ve experienced this problem or you are looking for the best recliner for an elderly parent, these are a few things that you should consider. Many people are turning to reclining lift chairs which can be adjusted electrically to different sitting positions. Not only will this prevent additional stress on elderly joints, a lift reclining chair can also help seniors get up on their own. An electric reclining chair is comfortable, supportive, and can give senior citizens a little of their independence back.

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1Wayne 3 Position Reclining Power Lift Chair

One of the best recliners for the elderly, the Wayne 3 Position Reclining Power Lift Chair is rated highly in customer satisfaction for both ease of use and supportive comfort. The plush fabric feels great to sit or lay on, and the electric recliner will also make it easy for you to get back up. The traditional style blends with any mix of furniture, and it can also be used in smaller spaces.

Three Reclining Options for Cushioned Comfort

The comfortable lift recliner can be placed in three different positions with the remote control, so you can easily get comfortable and stand back up. An electric motor quietly controls the reclining motions and also raises the seat up to help you stand up without assistance. Enjoy a book or a television show in the closed sitting position, and use the partial or full recline when you want to take a nap. The padded arms are rounded for exceptional comfort, and the cushioned back release muscle stress and strain. The seat is also padded with supportive cushioning, so every part of your body is comfortable.

Durable, Long Lasting and Easy to Maintain

The plush fabric is soft to the touch and easy to clean. Crumbs can be vacuumed out of crevices, while stains can be wiped away with water. The durable motor is built to last, and doesn’t require any additional maintenance. The lifting mechanism is one of the most important features of the reclining lift chair, and it is constructed durable steel. Able to lift up to 325 pounds, it also includes a one year warranty.

The Reclining Lift Chair

The Wayne 3 position reclining lift chair is manufactured by Mega Motion. One of the leaders in providing quality mobility and rehab products, it is not surprising that it is considered one of the best recliners for seniors. The chair can lift you up to standing position giving you some of your independence back, and support you in comfort through afternoon naps and evenings watching TV.

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Important Features

  • Measures 41.5″ x 34″ x 38.5 ” and the seat is 18 inches off the floor.
  • A remote control easily puts the chair in three different reclining positions.
  • Easy to clean and maintain with stain resistant plush upholstery.
  • Features a convenient side pocket to hold reading glasses, magazines, and the remote control.
  • The seat can be smoothly lifted so you can get up without assistance.
  • Durable electric motor and steel lifting mechanism that are designed to last.

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