Tips On Repairing A Broken Zero Gravity Chair


Many people are discovering how comfortable a Zero Gravity Chair can be. Inspired by NASA, these recliners are generally durable and extremely comfortable. The only downside voiced by consumers regarding these chairs is the expensive price, which can climb even higher if your zero gravity recliner happens to break. Whether yours is a simple manually folding model or one with a remote control and small motor, over time daily wear and tear may require you to make a few repairs to your recliner. Before you call for expensive repairs or simply decide to buy a new zero gravity chair, see if any of these easy tips can help you fix the problem.

Repair Tips for a Zero Gravity Recliner

Broken Laces

zero-gravity-chair-repair-tips-broken lacesSeveral types of zero gravity recliners use laces to connect the material to the chair’s frame. This means that the synthetic laces are bearing all of the weight, which can cause wear and tear over time. When the laces start to stretch and you notice that the material is starting to sag, it is probably time for a few minor repairs.

There are several inexpensive repair kits available that include everything you need to keep your chair functioning properly. To make this task even easier, most of these kits also include helpful diagrams and instructions that will walk you through each of the steps.

Simply inserting the new laces through the appropriate holes and making sure that you have pulled each one tight will improve the comfort of the chair, and give you the lower back support and feeling of weightlessness that you had when the recliner was new. The repair kit should also include the small plastics caps that securely hold the laces in place.

Repairing Mechanical Parts

While there will be some mechanical problems that you will have to call a repairman for, there are a few issues that you can easily fix on your own. Often the reason your electric zero gravity recliner is no longer functioning properly is due to a loose bolt, nut or screw. Simply inspecting the frame can often reveal the source of the problem, and once you have tightened the loose part your zero gravity chair should reclined again.

Often the footrest is operated by a small lever which may need to be occasionally tightened over time. Not only will this ensure your can continue to relax with your feet up, it can also prevent the handle from breaking off completely. If the handle is broken make sure you replace it with one that slips easily into the factory made opening, and most experts recommend choosing one made by the same manufacturer as the recliner.

Mechanical zero gravity chairs typically have wood or metal bases, which can become damaged over time. While metal bases cannot be repaired and need to be completely replaced if broken, some cracks in wood ones can be easily fixed with a little wood glue. Once the glue as been applied, use a clamp to hold the base together until it is completely dry. If the wood base is broken beyond repair, you can also use the original as a pattern to make your own replacement. Some of the best zero gravity chair reviews also suggest replacing metal bases with wood if any problems occur.

Rips and Tears in the Upholstery

It happens, over time rips and tears will probably occur and there are inexpensive fixes that are significantly cheaper that buying new material. Several manufacturers offer patching kits that include swatches of fabric that will match the chair’s original material perfectly. To make the repair process even easier some patches are designed to automatically adhere to the fabric without any sewing. There are also kits that require you to attach the patch with glue, along with the standard ones that need a few stitches. Whichever repair kit you choose, it will definitely be less expensive than replacing the entire recliner.

We hope that these tips will help you save time and money when you are trying to repair your zero gravity recliner. Please feel free to share any additional tips you might have. As always we look forward to hearing your feedback.


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