Should You Stick with Manual or Automatic Recliners?


What is the secret to the most relaxing living room? You need to have the proper seats which could give people in the living room comfort. The seats should contain enough padding, to support your weight. What better product than to invest on a recliner?

There are different kinds of recliners in the market. In fact, it could be enjoyed by an individual, or it could also be enjoyed by up to three people. What makes a recliner different from an ordinary sofa is its ability to rock you continuously, or its ability to recline. When it comes to the mechanism of your recliner, it is either automatic or manual.

Manual recliners

Manual reclinersThe manual recliners are simple in operation. In fact, for these particular products, you just need a lever or a wheel to operate the system. There are pros and there are cons for this particular item. For the mechanical recliners, this is simple to operate, thus for the older people, they really won’t have a difficult time to figure out how the recliner works. Also, a manual recliner can be a bit cheaper since the overall construction is less complicated compared to the automatic recliners. The sad thing about this particular item is that it means effort to make the recliner tilt. If you have someone who has impairment, operating the recliner can be quite a problem to deal with.

The kind of material used on the manual recliner can also be an issue. Manual recliners are either made of metallic parts or of wooden parts. For the wooden parts, it is vulnerable to pest problems, unless it is made of oak.

Automatic recliners

Automatic reclinersAutomatic recliners can be the type of product that you want for a modern living room. It involves no effort to make the automatic recline tilt. This may also have different adjustments for you to choose from. But of course, you have to be open to the possibility that this item could easily be outdated. Since this mechanism is somewhat modern, updated versions can easily make current the automatic recliner become obsolete after just a few years.

Another thing that you may not like about the automatic recliners is that it may take more money to repair the moving parts. And since it involves electronics, you just can’t fix the recliner yourself if anything happens to it. This means that if you happened to get the electronic part wet, then perhaps you will have to spend more on the repairs.

If you opt to stay relaxed, it is ideal that you weigh your options. How much do you exactly spend on the repairs if something goes wrong? Perhaps, you should also look at the overall durability of the recliner. Try to see if the recliner is really worth it.

Recliners can become a good investment. The mechanism how it operates is a big deal considering this will give you the comfort that you need from a lazy boy. For most people, despite the classic look and operation of the manual recliners, these products are still worth it. But of course, if you have the money to purchase recliners regularly, then the automatic recliners may look like a great option.


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