Santa Fe High Leg Recliner Review

Santa Fe High Leg Recliner is a product of popular furniture brand, AtHomeMart. The comfortable design and rustic look of the High Leg Recliner can add value to any room. The extra height makes it a perfect leg recliner for people with extra height. The soft leather upholstery and strong wood around the cushion can complement the décor of any living room. The soft leather cushion not only makes it comfortable to sit but it also adds to the durability of the recliner. The mission style High Leg Recliner adds to the beauty of the living room with its rustic color, decorative stitching and rich finish.

Product Specification

The dimensions of the chair are 43” height, 39” length and 34’’ width while the weight is more than 134 pounds. The extra height makes it a comfortable choice for extra tall people. The style of the High Leg Recliner is Rustic while the colors available are natural wood and dark chocolate. The chair is fixed with chocolate faux leather upholstery while the metal chassis on which reclining mechanism is mounted are bolted with the side arms of the chair for more strength.

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The Santa Fe High Leg Recliner comes with lot of benefits.


The Santa Fe High Leg Recliner is comfortable to sit because of the soft leather upholstery. The chair is fitted with the comfortable leather cushion with aesthetic stitching all around. The height of the chair is also excellent that can even make it comfortable for a person with 6 and half feet of height. Due to its extra height (43”) that is often more than any other Recliner available in the market, it is a perfect for people who are extra tall.

Santa Fe High Leg ReclinerAesthetic

The design of the chair is beautiful that goes well with the surrounding furniture in the room. The unique design and combination of wood and leather makes it often a focal point in the room. The dark color often complements the surrounding furniture in the room. The rustic look and fine finish combined with decorative stitching all around the dark color leather turns it into an eye catching piece of furniture in your home.


If compared with some other similar recliners, the Santa Fe High Leg Recliner is very affordable. Available only for $599 on Amazon, the price is very competitive. It is also easy to assemble even though there is no manual or directions with it.

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One of the most prominent drawbacks of the High Leg Recliner is its size and weight. Customers need to have really big house doors to move this chair into the house as it is hard to fit it through a standard American sized door of 36 inches. The chair is also difficult to recline as the mechanism is complex while it is also difficult to stay reclined for long period of time. The product doesn’t come with any manual for reclining procedure that leaves customers on their own to find a way to recline the chair.

Those who like to move their furniture frequently may find it very hard to move this chair due to its heavy weight. Especially old people who are living alone may have to ask for help to move it from one room to another.

Summaries of Customer Review

Santa-Fe-High-Leg-Recliner-ReviewCustomer reviews about the Santa Fe High Leg Recliner ranges from moderate to positive. Most customers praised the quality, comfort and design of the chair while some find the size and weight annoying. Some customers also complained that the recliner doesn’t come with a manual or guide that makes it hard to recline the chair.

The quality of the recliner is praised in most of reviews beside its heavy weight and size. Though, for some people, the weight makes it hard for them to move the chair around. Customers also claim that the price is reasonable if compared to other recliners available in the market. Other customers claim that they have this chair for years now and it is still holding up well that indicates the quality and durability of the Recliner. Customers are also satisfied with the value the chair provided against their money.

All in all, customer reviews are moderate but the quality and durability is always praised. The only issue is the size and the weight of the chair that makes it hard to move around and sometimes customers have to send it back from their doors as it does not fit through the standard door in United States.

Comparison to Similar Products

The Santa Fe High Leg Recliner is affordable if compared to other similar products like Monarch Valley Harness High Leg Recliner or Craftsman II that are almost double in price. It is little expensive than CASTLECREEK Mission-style Recliner but the chair is smaller than Santa Fe High Leg Recliner and it does not accommodate tall people as well as the High Leg Recliner. With 43 Inches of height, the recliner offer better comfort for tall people than any of its other competitors. The chair is also more durable with a better reclining mechanism.


Santa Fe High Leg Recliner is an excellent addition to anyone’s living room. It is a piece of furniture that allows designers to decorate rest of the place around it. It has all the looks and quality that makes it a focal point at any place. The chair is affordable, comfortable, eye catching and durable. The extra height makes it more comfortable for taller people but extra height and weight often creates problems for people to move it around. All in all, if the weight and large size is not a problem, the Santa Fa High Leg Recliner is a good addition to your home.


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