Things You Can Do To Repair Old Recliners


So you have an aging recliner, or multiple old recliners, lying around. This is a normal phase that every recliner has to go through. However, you have no plans of getting a new one, so what should you do about it? Let’s admit that time passes and wear and tear happens. There are times when you can still do something about this wear and tear. In fact, you have two options if you have an old recliner. You could either repair it, or you could sell it.


When it comes to repairing the old recliners, this could bring back the old shine from your lazy boy. Could you imagine reupholstering the recliner and having a new glow, preventing sag in your old recliners, or sprucing up the damaged leather? Here, you could save a lot of money if you look into repairing it yourself.

For example, is your old recliner sagging when you sit in it? In that case, look into a sagging recliner repair kit.

Is your old recliner made of leather that is now damaged with age? In that case, look into a leather repair kit where you can both touch up the leather to look like new again, as well as color match it to blend in perfectly with your recliner.

When does this particular method not work? If you will look at the construction of the recliners, there is a framework that you need to always check. This framework supports the weight of the user. What if the framework is already worn out? There are times when you not only have to change some screws, but the majority of the framework too. This is when repairs may not be practical anymore.

For this scenario, you have to decide whether or not you still want to spend on correcting the overall construction of the recliner. There is a chance that you may have to just discard the recliner and buy a new one.

Sell the recliner

Ok, now, you also have an option to get some cash from your old recliner. If you want to sell it, you could do this in different ways. You could sell it to someone you know, or you could post it online. However, expect that when selling the old recliners, you will end up only getting a small amount of money on this. Why? If you will look at the market of recliners, a lot of players are decreasing their price in order to stay relevant. This means that if you bought a $1000 leather recliner, you may be able to sell it for $200 after five years. Don’t be surprised by this.

If you are looking to sell the recliner for a higher price, what you need to make sure is to have it repaired. For some instances, you may even have to re-upholster the recliner.

There are some buyers who lack the funds to buy a new recliner and perhaps, these options are practical. You may either sell the old one for a few dollars so you can buy the new recliner, or you can opt to have it repaired. Whatever is the option that you take, you want to make sure that you weigh the pros and cons. Both options have pros and cons. For instance, you can sell the recliner but this doesn’t guarantee that it will already provide you with enough funds to get a new couch of the same quality as the last one.


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