Finding The Best Recliner Slip Covers

Best Recliner Slip Covers

The Stretch Recliner Slipcover By MarCielo has a slit for the recline lever and a storage pocket.

From spills to tears to the strain of continued use, there is a lot that can go wrong with upholstery. Recliner slip covers are great for protecting a chair’s upholstery and therefore extending the lifetime of a chair. Any old slip cover won’t be ideal for use on your recliner, though.

So what makes for the best recliner slip covers? There are several key features to keep in mind when considering a cover for a recliner instead of a standard armchair. One of the most important aspects is that recliner slip covers should let you easily access the reclining mechanism of your chair.

Further, a recliner slip cover should snugly fit to the leg rest of your recliner; you don’t want to be struggling with adjusting the fit of the cover after each use. We prefer a cover that encases the entire footrest to maximize the battle against wear and tear. The best covers are also convenient to remove and wash.

You may also want to consider a cover with an included storage pocket. One negative aspect of using a cover is that they will typically restrict your access to a chair’s built-in storage compartments, such as any compartments in the chair’s arms. Choosing a recliner slip cover with a storage pocket solves this problem.

Now that we’ve covered the basics lets look at some of our favorite recliner slip covers. All of the options in the table below meet the criteria mentioned above in the introduction.

The Best Recliner Slip Covers

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Hopefully you’ve found these tips and recommendations helpful in finding a good recliner slip cover for you. If you’d like more options for recliner slip covers, such as partial coverage or pocketless models, check out our article on functional and stylish recliner covers.