Is a Recliner a Good Buy?


recliner good buyBuying a recliner can be somewhat tricky. For several reasons, a recliner may be a good or a bad deal. What makes a recliner a good deal? For one, a recliner is a good deal since it could help you relax, watch TV and enjoy the living room more. Also, you have the modified recliners that accommodate two to three people. This means that it could be enjoyed a by a great number of people inside the house.

What most people know is that a recliner is can also end up as a bad deal for you. It is possible to commit mistakes of purchasing the wrong kind of recliner for a home. Could you imagine being stuck with the wrong recliner for the next years? Here are some things that you may want to look into before you decide to pick a recliner.

What makes a recliner a bad deal?

For instance, they bought a recliner with sub-standard foam. Foam should be around 1.9 in density rating in order to provide comfort for anyone who uses it for the next ten years. For some high end recliners, don’t be surprised to see a 2.5 density rating foam.

Anything that is around 1.2 may require re-upholstery eventually. If you have some sort of back problems, a couch or a recliner will not get the job done in giving you full support. Could you imagine just how much more if you are only using a foam with a low density rating?

Another issue with recliners is that it is common to see substandard materials used on the frame. You have to decide whether or not wood will get the job done for the framework of your lazy boy. For a lot of people, they get tricked by the advertising copy stating an all wood construction and the like. If you are going to purchase a recliner, always make sure that the frame is going to last more than ten years. Screws should also be of high standard.

What makes the recliner a good deal?

But of course, if you know how to find the right things, you will be able to realize that the recliner is such a great deal. For one, you can make sure that the house looks good with the recliner. The recliner not only makes you comfortable, but could even improve the interior of the home. Should you invest on this kind of addition to your home, as long as you know the color palette and appropriate color combination, the recliner can serve as an asset.

If you intend to purchase a recliner, you have to realize the pros and the cons. Keep in mind that this kind of purchase can end up as a $5000 investment, especially if you are picking the top of the line leather recliners. If you have no idea what could possibly make a recliner a bad deal, it is always a good idea that you resort to reading the reviews. Reviews will give you an idea about user experience and if the product is really worth it or not.


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  1. Hello David, my 48 year old lazy boy has just died. Will be looking for a replacement so found your article useful. Hoping to find comfort, quality and style all in one. Side issue is I’m a tall person with back issues. Live in Minneapolis Mn if you know of a place to start looking I’d appreciate it,

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