Pulaski Birch Hill Swivel Glider Recliner Review


Reclining chairs are getting sold like hot cakes these days and the reason behind that the comfort that these chairs offer to the users. These chairs are different and far better than traditional chairs or sofa. Recliners offer rocking motion, which not only soothes back pain, but also trigger better blood circulation throughout the body. Suffering from chronic back pain has been quite a common phenomenon these days. Along with various massage therapies, back exercises, try out simple rocking motion therapy on a recliner chair. It will deliver the much required relief. Here in this article, Pulaski Birch Hill Swivel Glider Recliner will be reviewed.

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  • Padded back and arms of this chair are perfectly poised to provide high comfort to the users.
  • It looks great – suitable for any contemporary households.
  • Thick velvety microfiber upholstery is very soft and soothing.
  • It features a high back, which makes this chair comfortable for even taller people.


  • Buyers have some complaints with this product regarding its foot rest. The foot rest should have been designed more elegantly by the maker in order to provide better comfort level.
  • The product is good for taller people, while shorter people would not find it to be cozy enough.
  • The reclining function is not as smooth as it is expected for the modernized recliners these days.

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Product Review

Pulaski Birch Hill Swivel Glider Recliner Review

The first thing that makes this product pretty attractive for the buyers is its look. The contemporary design of this recliner makes it a perfect addition for modern households. It mainly comes in two color options; they are coffee and doe. Both the colors are good and they go well with modern furniture setups. The product is design with precision and it is exquisitely good for the taller people.

While taller people will find this product to be highly comfortable due to its tall back, shorter people may find it to be a little discomforting. However, the material is soft and due to padded cushioning at the back, it will soothe the back of the users, irrespective of height of the user. Thick microfiber upholstery commits durability and velvet soft touch feeling. However, the material attracts dusts as well and thus it needs regular cleaning.

Reclining on this chair is very comfortable. Reclining motion as well as gliding motion of this chair triggers proper blood circulation. Regular reclining on this chair will heal back pain to a significant extent. Though reclining is comfortable, reclining features as well as functions are difficult to be coped with. Functions could have been made more seamless for the users.

Some of the buyers have also found that foot rest of this product is not quite comfortable. The overall design of the product is good, but the foot rest area is not up to the mark. However, with most of the products, problem with foot rest exists. This is basically influenced by buyers’ preferences.


Finding good recliner chair in the marketplace is a daunting task these days. Several products are there, but only a few of them are credible to be called as ‘value for money option’. To sum it up, it has to be admitted that Pulaski Birch Hill Swivel Glider Recliner is a good product. Buying this recliner chair would not be disappointing, especially if you want some relief against your back soreness or muscle soreness.

8.0 Great
  • Durability 8
  • Comfort 8
  • Upholstery 10
  • Price 6
  • Consumer Rating 8
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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