Pride LC 105 Electric Recliner Lift Chair Review


If you are reading about Pride LC 105 Electric Recliner Lift Chair, you may have a family member who needs assistance while moving and lifting. In this article, we will provide you all necessary information about the electric recliner that can help you take an informed decision about your loved ones in need of a comfortable lift chair.

The Pride LC 105 Electric Recliner Lift Chair is designed as regular home-style furniture that can fit in any living room without giving an impression that it belongs to old people only. The seat provides multiple purpose as it is also decorative without sacrificing its functionality. Read ahead to learn more about the lift chair…

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Product Specifications

The Pride LC 105 Electric Recliner Lift Chair comes with a weight capacity of 325 lbs. That makes it a good option for people who are overweight with an accommodating width of 32.75 inches and height of 44.5 inches. The chair offers 3 recline positions with a battery backup in case of electricity failure. It is also a good fit for people up to 6 feet of height as seat to top of back height is 27.5 inches, providing good back support for tall people. Seat depth is 19 inches while width is 20 inches. It also comes with a sewn pillow back to provide more comfort to users.


The fiber used is microfiber suede that is very soft and comfortable. The fiber of the chair not only properly covers the whole body of the chair but it is also very easy to clean. Even though, it is soft when you feel it but it is designed to resist stains. I personally like microfiber suede as it is much more relaxing and comfortable to touch if compared to leather.

Pride LC105 Electric Recliner Lift ChairBenefits

Easy to fit in Your Living Room

While it is an issue with most of the recliners, you may find the size of the Pride LC 105 Electric Recliner Lift Chair a perfect fit even for small living rooms. The coco faux suede color and a good size make it look good in any living room.

Easy to Assemble

Even though, the chair is delivered unassembled but it is very easy to put together. One person is also enough to assemble the chair on his own.

Easy to control

As many old people use this chair, the controls are very easy to manage even by small kid or a 99 year old grandmother. The buttons allow users to easily lean their backs or to lift them out. The foot rest is also controlled by remote control.

Comfortable and Light

The chair provides utmost comfortable and designed to provide relaxation for people who wants to sit for long hours. The weight is also light if compared to other similar sized chairs that make it easier for people to move it around in the house.

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The fabric of the chair looks weak that often wears out quickly. Even though assembling is easy, but for old people it may create some problems especially if they are alone.

Electric Recliner - Pride LC105Performance

According to the reviews, feedback of customers and rating on online sites and blogs, the performance of the Electric Recliner Lift Chair is excellent. Most customers are happy about the value provided against their money. If compared to some similar products, the chair is also very affordable. The chair reclines and lifts without any hassle and it is also very easy to operate for even old people.

The seat depth is average as there are other lift chairs with greater seat depth. The size is not as big as other recliners so it fits well even in small sized living rooms. It is very easy to assemble and comes with detailed instructions. The electric recliner allows old people to recline and lift with ease without any help. According to few customer reviews, the chair is so comfortable that they often sleep on the chair. It also looks like a very comfortable chair for people who want to sit for hours at one place.

While everything is praised, from functionality to comfort, comments about quality of fabric are not as good. In few reviews, there were complaints about the fabric that it wears out quickly.

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The Pride LC 105 Electric Recliner Lift Chair serves well for people who need assistance in lifting. It can be a perfect gift for your aging parents or grandparents. Beside its comfort and functionality, the chair is also cozy and small to fit in any living room without gaining much attention as only-for-old-person type of furniture. The price is very affordable while performance is praised by most of the customers. This makes it a secure investment to make. All in all, a good option for those looking for a comfortable electric recliner lift chair.


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