Over 2,000 La-Z-Boy Recliners Recalled


Over 2,000 La-Z-Boy Recliners RecalledBefore you sink down into your comfortable La-Z-Boy recliner, you need to make sure it is not one of the models recently recalled. The furniture giant has recalled an estimated 2,600 pieces of power-reclining chairs and sectionals due to a concern that the furniture can tip over, causing painful falls or injuries.

In a recent press release, La-Z-Boy stated that it had received warnings from individual furniture retailers who mentioned their concerns about the safety of the power reclining furniture. With five separate reports, the company decided to prevent the risk of any future accidents and recalled the furniture line. As of May 2015 there have not been any reports of accidents or injuries, which leave the company hopeful that the potential problem was identified in time.

The power reclining furniture was sold in retail stores and online between January and March of 2015. The recall includes recliners and love seats, which can tip dangerously forward when fully laid back.

You can contact La-Z-Boy directly at 855-592-9087 Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST) or visit the company’s website at www.la-z-boy.com. On the website, click on the “recall” tab and you will find a complete listing of the affected product numbers.

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  1. I have an older model La-Z-Boy recliner and have always though that it reclined too far back. Well, this morning, it proved me right! my wife was in it and reclined it back and it tilted all the way to the floor and she couldn’t get back up. were there any older model chairs that were on recall and I didn’t get the notice.

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