Osaki OS-7200H Heated Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Review


A full body message after a hard day’s work is the best gift that anyone in the world can give you. The fun and relaxation doubles if your reclining chair is capable of giving you a heated full body message. There are many such recliners available in the market and these are in huge demand. The most popular ones have padded cushion and a heating technology to relax your muscles and this experience is even more precious. One of the top rated recliners is by Osaki, and it is also priced to fit any budget.


  • The reclining full body message chair having a heating technology is the perfect relaxer for a tired body. The following are some of the benefits of the chair.
  • The chair is fitted with a body scan technology that gives you the experience of 3D massage
  • The Quad roller fitted in the chair gives a head massage and is in fact gives the best feel. The 31” roller stroke gives an excellent full body massage.
  • It is a 2 stage recliner with a zero gravity technology and has a compression system of 51 airbags.
  • Is capable of imparting three types of therapy – heat, music and chromo therapy.
  • Presence of a pillow that is multi layered and thus is just perfect.


  • Some of the best recliner reviews have mentioned that the chair is best used in a full reclining or upright position.
  • While the heated full body massage recliner is easy to assemble, it does arrive in two pieces.
  • Osaki OS-7200H Heated Reclining Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair1

Osaki OS-7200H Heated Reclining Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

Product Review:

The first and the foremost thing that catches the eye of any individual about the full body massage recliner by Osaki is its beautiful upholstery. The material is very smooth and soft and has a luxurious look and feel exceptionally comfortable.

The body scan technology of the Osaki’s OS- 7200H helps us to experience the bliss of human like relaxing massage. The massage rollers are so designed that they can manage a wider and deeper range of motion. The massage can be carried out in 5 levels and these range from normal to super strong.

The quad rollers heads in OS 7200Hhas been fitted with two rollers that gives the feeling of human fingers and thumbs thereby making the experience worth mentioning. Again the 31” roller stroke very efficiently massages the entire body from the neck to the tailbone. This recliner chair can fit and massage users having a height of 5’2” to 6’5”.

The OS- 7200H enjoys a zero gravity, multi stage automatic reclining system. At the push of a button the chair reclines, pivots, and elevates your leg to the “zero gravity” position. The compression system of the recliner is fitted with 51 airbags that are strategically placed at the vital massage point like the shoulder, neck, arms, hands, back, feet, lumber and calves area. Moreover the 5 intensity setting level gives you the opportunity of customise your massage.

There are 3 main therapies imparted by this recliner and they are – heat, music system, and chromo therapy. For heat therapy the two shoulder heat pads helps to loosen the muscles and deeply massages them. The storage compartment located behind the remote has a connector for connecting different mp3 player’s speaker. When connected to the music the chair produces a vibration massage according to the beat of the music.

The multi layered pillow between the two pads in the head and neck region controls the massage intensity. The intensity of massage increases with removal of the pads.


This comfortable and relaxing chair can massage the shoulder, head, leg, arm, hand, feet, and other regions. This comfortable beautiful looking recliner is the best zero gravity full body massage chair with heating technology is the best recliner to calm and relax the stressed out muscles. The dimensions of the chair is perfectly suitable for people between 5’2” to 6’5” tall and can withstand a maximum weight of about 285 lbs. Priced affordably, it is easy to see why this is considered one of the best full body massage recliner.


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