An Introduction to the Most Popular IMG Recliners


IMG recliners are known for their stunning design, functionality, durability, and excellent services. IMG is a well-known brand for home furnishing materials. Manufacturing recliners is one of the core areas of competence of this company. The company offers different types of recliners, including classic, dual motors, Nordic, Soho, Space, and modern comfort, among others. IMG sells its products throughout world, with dealers in Europe, Asia, North America, and beyond. Consumers can also order customized or personalized recliners from this manufacturer to obtain products, as per their preferences.

IMG Dual Motor Verona MF Recliner

IMG Dual Motor Verona MF Recliner-1This is a traditionally-designed recliner with excellent reclining features offered. It offers a full 360 degree reclining feature. Moreover, users can enjoy various reclining positions to soothe their backs. Reclining features are easy to handle. Thick padded cushioning has made this recliner highly comfortable. Polyester-based upholstery and metallic framing give durability to this product.


  • Dual motor – exceptional reclining features
  • Soothing massaging functions
  • Lift chair functions


  • Not a power recliner
  • Lifting functions are not good enough for some consumers

IMG Classic Topaz Recliner

IMG Classic Topaz Recliner-2From its design, this product implies that it is truly a classic recliner. The reclining chair has a simple design, with its frame based on popular hardwood models. It also comes with an ottoman for enjoyable resting positions. Regarding wooden framing, users have their own choices to make. For example, you can choose teak wood or textured wooden framing, instead of dull hardwood framing. Leather upholstery is quite good – smart and chic. Padded cushioning also gives high-end comfort to the users. It does not support full reclining features, unfortunately.


  • Classic look and design
  • Comes with an ottoman
  • Excellent customizing options


  • Chair does not bend completely – it gives a reclining position up to a limited angle
  • Cushioning could be better

IMG Nordic 21 Recliner

IMG Nordic 21 Recliner-3Nordic recliners are known for their excellent reclining and massaging supports. They come with an ottoman, perfectly manufactured to be poised alongside the chair. The hardwood framing looks sleek and contemporary. One can opt for a ring base or dome base, as per his or her wish. The fabric is leather, though you can customize the recliner with your own type of fabric. It comes with a 360 degree swivel function. More interestingly, it provides a high back resting feature. Reclining is not full, but a limited angle is offered to users.


  • Contemporary look
  • Hardwood framing – with customizing base option
  • Simple yet highly-functional product


  • Price for this product is high
  • Arm resting cushioning is too simple

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