Kinfine Boys Leather Armchair Review


When it comes to leather armchair for my children, I find the products of Kinfine USA Inc. on top of my choices. The company is located at Chino, California and one of the leading wholesale furniture dealers in the area. It has the widest selection of furniture and finding your favorite item would surely be easy with their top-notch customer service.

The Kinfine Boys Leather Armchair Review

The Kinfine boys’ armchair is made of faux leather and can support a weight of a child aging from 0 to 18 years old. I am a small-sized adult and tried the chair. It evidently can support my entire weight. Since it has enough sitting space, I can comfortable use the chair. But I don’t recommend you use it often.

The overall design of Kinfine boy’s armchair is classic, sophisticated, and simple in style.

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The chair is made with faux leather and soft cushion for optimum comfort. It has back rest as well that will help your kid to relax more easily and ease potential back pain. The height of the chair is comfortably fixed and therefore, you do not have to adjust it.

The product dimension of Kinfine arm chair is 19 x 24 x 26 inches. It weighs 23 pounds. The chair is really lightweight. So you will not have any trouble moving it around the house. When you look at it, you may be worried if your kids will easily flip the chair. But I was amazed that the chair is really sturdy and stable.

While most owners might be worried of spills and stains, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to Kinfine arm chair. My son is still a pre-school and spilling drinks on the small chair is inevitable. I thought that it will be difficult for me to remove stains and spills, but a simple wipe with a damp cloth easily made the chair clean again.

This chair is perfect for living room and bedroom. It can be used for reading, playing video games, eating, resting, and relaxing. In addition to this, the color and style of the armchair is basically minimalistic; thus, it can easily blend together with other pieces of furniture you have at home.

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The Kinfine leather armchair color is dark brown and overall design is classy and chic at the same time. I would say that my kids look mature when they use the chair.

When the item arrives in your home, you can immediately assemble it without any problem. The chair arrives in 5 pieces – the seat as one piece and the legs as four pieces. In just five minutes, you can assemble the chair without any problem.

Maybe the only drawback that I can think of is the risk of tipping it over. Yes, the chair is really sturdy and all, but there is always the risk of tipping over especially when you think that the chair will be used by kids.  However, with proper parental supervision, I find the chair as safe enough to support my kid’s weight.

In my honest opinion, I would say that this chair is a good purchase. My kids like to use it and I am happy with my choice. Yes, there are some drawbacks and I recognize that everyone has their unique needs and preference. However, I can safely conclude that the advantages of the chair outweigh the disadvantages. The chair works for me and my kids and it will work for you too!

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