Intex Floating Recliner Lounge Review


A relaxing time at the pool with your family is absolutely spectacular.  The fun doubles if you can cosily lounge in your pool and bask in the sun in the comfort of your own pool. Many companies in the market have come up with different types of floating recliners that vary in design, style and colour. However the favourite among buyer is the chair design which is not only comfortable but also supports your back. One of the top rated recliners is by Intex, and it is also priced to fit any budget.

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  • The chair design of the floating recliners makes it very comfortable and supportive to use.
  • There are two cup holders placed strategically on the arm handles and are absolutely ideal for keeping your drink while you are lounging.
  • It is extremely well designed and made. The quality of materials used is high quality. It is quite durable and will last you more than a swimming season.
  • Two air chambers in the floating recliner help to inflate your recliner to the perfect amount.
  • The recliners are made yet more comfortable with the inclusion of two strong and comfortable handles.


  • Some of the best recliner reviews have mentioned that the inflated reclining chair is very helpful when fully inflated
  • The cup holders are perfect for cans but it is a little difficult when the cans are fitted with cosy.
  • The vinyl material is perfect for water but during the hot seasons the material sticks to the body a bit.

Intex Floating Recliner Lounge Review

Intex Floating Lounge Detailed Review

There are many products available in the markets that are quite good but the best thing about Intex floating recliner is its comforting design. The arm handles with the cup holders are very thoughtfully designed and are very sturdy. The beverage holders are strategically placed on the arm handles whereby making it easier to access and is just about the right size and appropriately holds any can or bottle. The holders are heavy duty and are very accurately designed.

The comfortable structure and design of the recliner is perfect for spending a relaxing time at the pool. The chair like shape gives you the extra support for your back and you need not lie down completely in order to lounge. This position is perfect for reading midst the pool or sipping on a drink and just relaxing.

The recliner is very thoughtfully constructed and made. The product is of high quality. When completely inflated you remain quite high up from the water this is an excellent feature of this floating recliner. The product is made of very thick plastic and it is a good quality material. The vinyl is durable and is a heavy duty material. You can find this in many colours depending upon your choice.

Having two air chambers make the floating recliners easy to use. Two air chambers make it easier to inflate the recliner easily. In fact because of the tube the recliner is so comfortable to use and that is also the reason why floating also become easier in it. When inflated fully the recliner keeps you totally dry. The floating recliners are of a good size when inflated and thus is suitable for everybody.

The Verdict

This chair like recliner lounge with its comfortable seating area and durable handles with can holders is an ideal floating recliner for you. With a good size and comfortable structure the Intex recliner can be found in different colour shades and pattern. It is priced affordably and is a loved by all.


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