How to Buy The Recliner That is Worth It


Recliner that is worth itJust how much should a recliner cost? For the ordinary to the modern recliners, you may be spending from $250 to $5,000 for these things. Finding that perfect lazy boy though can be quite confusing at times. There are some posh recliners that don’t meet expectations of end users, despite the hefty price tag. As rule of thumb, the recliner should last at least 10 years. It should also have the ability to support your weight. Given these characteristics, it is difficult to decide which kind of recliner to go for. Let’s admit that things could become difficult when diverse options are presented in front of you. Here is a simplified guide that can help you decide which recliner to have.


Having a budget is an important part of choosing the right kind of recliner. Now, if you have above $1,000 budget, perhaps, you can stick with leather seats. Dubbed as the top recliner option in the market today, top grain leather may last for quite some time. But of course, what if you don’t have the budget for Italian leather? Try to have alternatives. Vinyl and microfiber both make good alternatives for leather, for the budget conscious individuals.


The frame should be inspected thoroughly. Regardless if it is made of hardwood or metals, it is important that the frame supports the overall weight of the person using the lazyboy. The screws should be of high quality, as well as the moving parts. Also, you want to know if the manufacturer provides some type of guarantee. This way, you don’t have to worry about any damage that could occur within the window period.

But since there are also some people who are purchasing used recliners, there is a chance that you may have to inspect the construction of the lazyboy thoroughly.  Having a knowledge on which type of wood is the most durable could make a big difference.


The foam should promote comfort when you use the lazyboy. How much foam should be placed on the recliner? As a standard in the industry of making recliners, the density rating should have around 1.9. For a couch, you typically get from a 0.9 to a 2.5 density rating depending on the manufacturer.

Foot rest

An important part that you need to always inspect is the footrest. This should be free from any loose parts, and it should be easy to maneuver. For those who are looking for a high quality recliner, even the foot rest should be well padded. For some manufacturers, they even make sure to add a vibrator on the foot rest to alleviate sore legs of the user.

A recliner should be tough couch. It is important that the recliner supports the weight of the person who is using it, and it should promote comfort. But of course, you also need to understand that there are limitations. For instance, though you have a $5000 budget for the leather recliners, it is not advised to have them if you are living in a humid area. Every buyer should also know these details.


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