Homelegance 9700BRW-1 Upholstered Durable Recliner Chair


Recliner chairs are often considered as excellent additions for the contemporary households. These chairs are not just for beautifying your living room, but also for soothing your spinal cord. The reclining motion of these chairs often proves to be high effective against back soreness. Reclining motion as well as gliding motion will help you to heal your back pain. In this article, we shall mainly discuss Homelegance 9700BRW-1 Upholstered Recliner Chair, Warm Brown Bonded.

Homelegance 9700BRW-1 Upholstered Recliner Chair, Warm Brown Bonded


  • The recliner has leather upholstery. Having a leather finish, it offers excellent look. Furthermore leather upholstery easy to be cleaned.
  • The level action reclining mechanism is quite amazing for this recliner.
  • The recliner features overstuffed arms, which are very comfortable.


  • The chair is comfortable though it can be a little discomforting for the plus size people.
  • The back of the chair is short and thus not suitable for tall people.

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Homelegance 9700BRW-1 Upholstered Recliner Chair Review

Homelegance 9700BRW-1 Upholstered Recliner Chair, Warm Brown Bonded can be an excellent addition for any contemporary living room. It has a plush leather finish to feature, which makes this chair amazing in terms of look. The overall design as well as the set up of this chair is highly comfortable for the users. Seat and back are cushioned nicely.

The arms of the recliner are overstuffed with cushions and hence very comfortable for the users. Overall built quality of this product is quite commendable. It is durable, based on the stainless steel frames. The leather upholstery also features durability.

The problem with this recliner is its size. It is not really comfortable for the taller or plus size people. For a slim and trim person, this product would be amazing though. The lever reclining motion of this chair is very soothing. Users can pause at any reclining position. Along with reclining motion, users can also choose the gliding motion.


To sum it up, it has to be said that this is a good product. It features durability and the contemporary look of this chair is quite amazing. Furthermore, the reclining motion of this chair is very comfy to heal back soreness.

7.6 Awesome
  • Durability 8
  • Comfort 6
  • Upholstery 8
  • Price 6
  • Consumer Rating 10
  • User Ratings (5 Votes) 4.3

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