Home Leather Soft Pad Cozy Recliner Chair Review


The home leather soft pad 3-positional leather is great cozy small recliner, but spacious enough for average person. In case you are like me who looks for a recliner that doesn’t eat up too much space, but still delivers great functionality, then this product is an ideal choice.

I was thinking for a gift for my old man the other day and thought of giving him a comfortable recliner. Since he likes to watch football games and spend the afternoon reading, I thought of buying him a new recliner for his birthday.


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Features of Home Leather Soft Pad Recliner 3 Positional Leather Cozy Recliner

Recliner Dimensions and Weight

The recliner is capable of doing 3 positions. It is a cozy home recliner with soft padding. The dimensions of the recliner is 42 inches in height, 28 inches in width, and 32 inches in depth. The product weighs 99 pounds. Thus, it is the right size of a recliner that you can easily move around the house.

Made of Faux Leather and Easier Handling

The base of the recliner can be expanded to give your legs additional support and comfort. At first glance, the recliner’s exterior may look like genuine leather; however, a closer look will reveal that it is faux leather. As this might be the case, this problem is not really an issue at all. When you begin to use the recliner, you will realize that it still perfectly works. In addition to this, the product is highly durable and does not easily crack. Since it is made of faux leather, you can easily wipe off dirt and stain.

The product can be reclined into 3 positions with the help of a simple press of the back rest. This means that there is no unsightly and bulky handle you have to pull or push. It is very soft and 100% bonded by leather. The recliner is also available in white and burgundy color.

Comfortable and Easy to assemble

One of the most important features of the product is its extreme softness and the high level of comfort it provides. The product is very easy to assemble. With the help of 4 screws, you can assemble and collapse the chair. For this reason, the small recliner can easily be transported or moved from one place to another. You can avail of the 3-year or 5-year warranty offered by the company.

Click Here To See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on Amazon.com


On a negative note, the recliner has some limitations. A tall and heavy person might not be the ideal person to use this as it is relatively small for some people. If you are looking for really soft padded chair, you might be disappointed with this chair. Yes, it is soft, but not as soft as other recliners. However, judging with the price, the recliner is worth its value.

Summary of Customer Reviews and Score

The home leather soft pad 3-positional leather cozy recliner is a nice chair with many good reviews. At the time of this writing, there are 29 customers who reviewed this product and give an average of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.

Easy Assembly and No Unsightly Handle

Most customers are satisfied with the product, specifically praising how easy the product is assembled. They are also happy with the fact that the product has no unsightly lever and all you have to do is lean and push back the backrest to recline the chair. In addition to the positive points, the customers are happy with its sleek and classy appearance.

Multipurpose Recliner

There are different ways you can use the recliner. It can be used for gaming, relaxing, napping, reading, Home Leather Soft Pad Cozy Recliner Chairstudying, nursing, and even playing. Since the recliner is made with strong materials, it can last longer.

A customer claims that the chair is not made for adults as his size doesn’t fit the chair perfectly. He claims that the chair is not meant for people who are above 5’5 feet tall and poignantly claim that is it is not made for adults. However, I also read reviews from a 6-foot tall, 225-pound customer, he says that the product perfectly works for him and even gives a 5 star rating.


When it comes to this recliner, you can acquire different benefits from it, depending upon your preference and needs. While the recliner is primarily for my father, almost everyone use it – from my children to my wife.

Overall, reading the comments and reviews of the customer, I would say majority of them did not have issues or problems with the product.

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In conclusion, the home leather soft pad 3-positional leather small recliner is packed with many features and functionality. It can be adjusted into three positions and have a very comfortable feel. It is sturdy and strong enough to support a lot of weight. According to my experience, together with the positive comments of other customers, I would recommend this product for your own use.


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