A Guide for Choosing the Best Quality Recliner Chair


Recliners were first introduced in the marketplace in 1920s. So, it has been quite a long time for the recliners to sustain in the marketplace. What more impressive is the quality of the recliners is getting enhanced day by day. Nowadays, popular recliners come various functions and usability options. For example, there are power recliners, which show automated functions to the buyers and ease for operating the massaging as well as reclining features. To ensure buying best quality recliner chair, you have to give importance to a few specific points. So, what should be the basic qualities of a recliner?

  • A recliner should be comfortable. While buying one, you should check how much comfort the recliner is offering. Recliners are meant for giving optimal comfort to back, spinal cord, lower back and shoulder.
  • Best recliners should have various features included. For example, they must provide full reclining functions, swivel movements and gliding features. Nevertheless, there should be preset heated massaging options.
  • Good recliners are durable. It is not hard to understand whether the recliner will be durable or not. Check the built quality and materials of the recliners. A well-built recliner, furnished with excellent quality upholstery and framing materials, ensures durability.
  • Price is also a notable point. The common perception is that pay higher to get better. However, this does not work every time. Best quality recliners may also come with modest price tag. It depends on the manufacturers. So, do not judge a product by its price tag.

Types of Recliners

So, if you are looking for buying best quality recliner chair, you should have a clear idea on different types of recliners. Recliners can be classified based on various aspects. Hence, there are several types of recliners available in the marketplace. Here in the following section, we will have a look on some of the featured recliners:

  1. Rocker Recliners

rocker recliner

To start with, we shall discuss about rocker recliners. As the name implies, a rocker recliner comes with rocking and reclining motion features. The gentle rocking motion is very soothing and it will make you to take a nap with its movements. Typically, rocker recliners are chosen by those, who are suffering from insomnia or extreme back pain. In case of extreme back pain, lying on the bed would not help. But, rocker recliner will help to heal your pain and make you sleep.

  1. Wall Hugger Recliners

Wall Hugger Recliners

Wall hugger recliners are fantastic choice for those, who want to have a recliner at their short spaced living room. Wall hugger recliners typically feature rocking movements, though movements will be lesser soothing than normal rocker recliners.

  1. Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are made for those, who have been suffering from knee or leg related problems. Whether you have a soaring knee or an ached leg or muscle strain, give a try to lift chairs and you would love sitting on them for long time. Lift chairs come in various shapes as well as sizes. It is not hard to find a lift chair, according to your sizes. However, you can always customize your size, while buying a lift chair.

  1. Massage Recliners

Massage Recliners

Massage recliners come with several massaging functions. Most of the massaging functions are pre-set functions. So, with a press on a particular button, you can enjoy a preset massage on the recliner as per your wish. The prime benefit is that such recliners heal back pains, chronic neck pain, spinal; cord related issues, etc. Some massage recliners come with heating functions as well. Heating function allows enjoying heat massaging.


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