Gravity Feel Good Massage Chair Berkline Recliner Review


Are you in need of message therapist due to back pain or stress? You may have to search for the good message therapist and travel to the spa every time you need a massage, but we have a better solution for you. Why not have your own massage therapist in your living room all the time? The only difference will be that instead of a human therapist, you can buy an electronic one in the form of a massage chair with same results and effects.

If you are looking to experience a range of different massage techniques sitting on your chair, you may find 16027 Zero Gravity Feel Good Massage Chair Recliner a perfect fit. It is among one of the several Berkline Recliners that are manufactured by the company to provide utmost comfort and relaxation to users. A good massage is often an only relief for back pain and tension, but if you can’t find a licensed massage therapist, a good electronic substitute can be equally effective like Zero Gravity Feel Good Massage Chair Recliner by Berkline.

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Product Description:

The product is designed by Berkline Furniture to provide utmost comfort to users. The chair can provide wide range of massage experienced from Swedish massage to simple vibrations. Users can also experience Kneading, tapping, clapping, rolling and Shiatsu massage sitting on the chair. For better medical advantage, the zero gravity feature makes it a perfect solution for people suffering from back pain.

The Massage chair also features state of the art omni directional air pressure system for better soothing effects on feet, calves, seat and back. The S-shape backrest rail is also designed to suit the body shape as it makes body sit comfortably on the seat.


Zero Gravity Berkline Massage Recliner ReviewThere are plenty of advantages associated with the Zero Gravity Feel Good Massage Chair by Berkline. Some of the most common advantages are listed below

Medical Advantage:

Like other Berkline Recliners, it is an effective source for relief of back pain. The zero gravity feature is therapeutic for people suffering from pains and aches at different parts of the body. It elevates the knees and spine to perfectly place the back parallel to your floor. This makes it an excellent massage chair that suits people with back pain.

The chair is designed to provide relaxation to people suffering from spine pain and tension. It relaxes the vertebrate and allows increased circulation of blood the results in relieve of stress and tension.

More Massage Options:

You can find more massage options in the chair than most of the massage chairs available in the market. Beside options for Shiatsu Massage, Swedish Massage, Vibration, Rolling and other massage techniques, the chair also offer three options for partial massage that are for lower body, back and lumbar, and neck and shoulder. All in all, beside full body massage, it can also provide you with customized massage options for different parts of the body.


The S-Shape backrest is design to accommodate the body in the chair with utmost comfort and ease. People can feel the relaxation and comfort by just having a look at this ultra-contemporary chair. The chair has an ability to literally turn your living room into a spa with plenty of options featured by the massage chair. The arms are curved and well padded while the back and seat provides a luxurious impression with their comfort and softness.

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Zero Gravity Berkline Massage Recliner ControlFully Automatic

The Zero Gravity Massage Chair is not only comfortable and relaxing, but it is also easy to control with its fully automatic features and easy to operate wireless remote. It offers one touch power recline, an auto timer for customized massage sessions, auto scanning and a fully functional remote. You can use remote to switch between six pre-programmed massages and three partial massage options for different parts of the body.


If compared to some other similar products available in market, the Massage Chair is expensive. Available for more than two and a half thousand dollars on Amazon, the product is slightly expensive than similar products like Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Soft 3D MP3 Arm Massage 02 and more.

The seat is big with an influencing luxurious look, so it may be not a good fit for small living rooms. People may need to find a good vacant place for the chair that may be a problem if you are living in a small room.

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In my opinion, the chair looks like a good option for those who like luxury and comfort in their living rooms. It is not only an effective solution for people who are suffering from back pain and anxiety, but it can also add value to any living room with its luxurious look. All in all, if you can afford it and your living room can accommodate the size of the chair, it is a good investment to make.


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  1. David,

    I have a Berkline Shiatsu Reclining Chair purchased in 12/18/02. I am looking for any information available regarding the electrical wiring in the wired remote. While fixing the wires coming into the unit a couple of the wires broke loose from the soldered attachment. Any information or thoughts you have regarding how to obtain a wiring diagram would be greatly appreciated.
    Model number is: J231-37LV-BK

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