A Glance at the Best Power Recliner Sofa Products


Like recliner chairs, power recliner sofas are a relaxing stationary piece for your living room, providing more or less the same reclining functionalities that general power recliners provide. A power recliner is defined as a recliner that comes with automatic controlling features for reclining and massaging its users. More convenient than manual sofas, power reclining sofas have become the obvious choice for us due to various reasons. The most important reason is that recliners provide excellent healing positions for an aching back. If you are searching for best power recliner sofa, here is some useful information for you:

Power Recline BarcaLounger Premier II Electric Reclining Sofa

Power Recline BarcaLounger Premier II Electric Reclining Sofa - Stetson Coffee-1As a home and office furniture manufacturer, BarcaLounger does not need any sort of introduction. This well-accepted brand has launched the Premier II Electric Reclining Sofa, which comes with a provision for accommodating a maximum of three people. The sofa looks classy, elegant, and traditional. Metallic frames are supported by hardwood and plywood to make this product durable. The leather upholstery of the sofa makes it appear more classy and sophisticated. Foam-stuffed cushioning has been built into the piece to render unto its users a high level of comfort. One can enjoy different reclining positions. Being a power reclining sofa, it is easy to operate.


  • Power reclining, offering various reclining positions to enjoy
  • Thick cushioning to render comfort
  • Durable and reliable product


  • Expensive
  • Traditional design – suitable for normal traditional households

Catnapper Temptation Power Reclining Sofa

Catnapper Temptation Power Reclining Sofa-2The Catnapper Temptation Power Reclining Sofa comes in various sofa set options. You can choose single, double, or triple – or even more seating arrangements, as per your desires. Now, let us come to the design of the product. The recliner sofa looks very classy with its beautiful coffee-colored leather upholstery. The upholstery is durable and leather does not catch stain marks or dusts easily. Its metallic framework also should be appreciated for giving perfect stability and balance to the sofa.


  • Excellent design – looks sophisticated
  • Plush leather upholstery
  • Power reclining – easy-to-operate features
  • Choice for customized sofa sets for users


  • Not high rise shoulder resting cushioning – a problem for taller people
  • Lack of enough auto-massaging features

Lenoris Reclining Sofa Power

Lenoris Reclining Sofa Power-3Leather-matched chic upholstery is the major highlight of this product. You will keep drooling at its glittery leather upholstery. However, this product is not only known for its glamorous appearance. It is a show-stopper for its functional aspects as well. This power recliner offers various reclining positions for the users, with a lot of pre-set massaging options. Unfortunately, rocking and gliding motions are absent with this product.


  • Stylish look
  • Exclusive leather-matched upholstery
  • Easy-to-operate reclining options


  • Corners are glued and made with plywood – plywood is not durable
  • Design is traditional or orthodox – nothing special

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