Reviewing The Portable GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner


It always feels good to seat in your garden and get refreshed by the fresh air however it is not always possible to pull your in house recliner outside to enjoy it. Pulling and tugging on it only makes you tired. It is great to have one recliner for your backyard, garden or outdoor purpose. There are many such recliners available in the market and these are in huge demand. The most popular ones have back comfort technologies to make your outdoor experience even more precious. One of the top rated recliners is by GCI, their wilderness recliner, and it is also priced to fit any budget.


  • Back comfort technologies help to support the position at an angel suited for relaxation.
  • To make it easier to carry around because of the shoulder straps, and back straps that help to fold and carry the recliner.
  • Beverage holders are an extremely important benefit of such outdoor recliners.
  • Though the recliners are foldable they have weight lifting capacities.
  • They have a good open and closed size and hence are suitable for travelling purposes.


  • Some of the best recliner reviews have mentioned that the shoulder straps are occasionally difficult to use.
  • The recliner is portable and easy to carry however it sometimes very rarely is difficult to carry on bikes.
  • In certain cases the screws are a little tight however it becomes easier with use.

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  • GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner folded

Product Review

There are many products available in the markets that are quite good but the best thing about GCI outdoor wilderness recliner is its portability and the very thoughtfully designed beverage holder. The beverage holder is just about the right size and comfortably holds any can or bottle. The mesh quality is good and is very durable. It is positioned very accurately whereby making it easier to access easily. There is another mesh holder near the front feet at the bottom and the size is good for keeping books, mobiles or any flat objects.

The technology used for back comfort is absolutely great. The “Patented BackComfort Technology” used by the company helps to keep the back position at a good angel and the lumbar cushion provided by it is absolutely amazing and makes the chair even more comfortable. The wooden arm rests are also designed to perfection and is in fact very comfortable.

The shoulder and the back straps help makes it easier to carry it around. The chair is also quite light and unlike the lower cost recliners this recliner from GCI is quite light weight. The shoulder straps that use an auto fold technology along with the back straps makes it easier to carry, open and close.

The recliners weighs only a 9 pounds it is capable of supporting a weight of around 300 lb.These are made up of steel that are sturdy and powder coated and the polyester used in the recliner measures 600 denier

When open the GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner measures 17” x 25.5” x 31.5” this is an ideal size for every person. Reviewers of this product are quite happy with the size of the chair. When closed or folded the chair measures 28.5” x 25.75” x 4.25”.


The back comfort along with the lumber support system makes the GCI wilderness recliner a must have for all. The cup holder on the side, the light weight, durability, and portability make it easier to carry the recliner for camping, watching sports, canoeing, or for any sort of outdoor activity. The recliner is not only very comfortable and portable but is also of a very good size both when it is open and closed With a good size and comfortable lumber padding this portable recliner is priced affordably and is a very loved product.


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