Flash Furniture Vinyl Easy to Clean & Durable Kids Recliner


Recliner chairs are not just for adults, plenty of products can there be found for the kids as well. It is obvious that adult recliners and kids recliners would have some basic differences amongst their various functionalities and usability. Kids’ recliners require providing extra support or protection so that kids can use them safely. Having facility, like cup holder, is always a good option for kids’ recliners. Kids often accidentally drop milk or protein shakes or juices. Having cup holder minimizes such risks. On the other hand a headrest at the back provides desired coziness to the kids.

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  • Cup holder feature so that milk glasses or glasses of juice can be accommodated with safety.
  • Headrest at the back provides coziness or comfort. It also comes with overstuffed padding to render better comfort.
  • Easy to clean and durable vinyl made upholstery.
  • Comes in various color options for the buyers.


  • Though manufacturer claims that the chair is good for a nine years old kid, it is actually suitable till 5-6 years old kids.
  • The height is short and growing kids would soon find it to be difficult to sit on in 1-2 years.
  • Because of extra padding, the chair is a little stiff. However, comfort level on this chair is good though it could have been better with better padding systems.

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Flash Furniture Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder and Headrest Review

Flash Furniture Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder and Headrest is a product, manufactured for the kids. Buyers often complain that there is limited number of option for kids’ recliners. This product is one of those limited options. It features vinyl made upholstery, which is durable, easy to clean and also it remains shiny even after long time.

Kids are always energetic and they love to cause nuisances. Is not it? You cannot really blame them as at tender ages, we loved doing that. To contain super-active kids, the product comes with cup holder provision on its arm. Coffee cups or milk glasses or protein shake tumbles – anything can be accommodated safely on the cup holder provision. The presence of this holder restricts accidental drop of liquids on the upholstery.

Kids’ recliners should have extra-comfort level to offer. This recliner has extra stuffed padding to provide coziness to the toddler users. Additionally, it comes with a headrest, which caters extra comfort on the tender neck of the kids. Though it is extra padded, but it is also a little stiff. Due to the stiffness, coziness cannot be regarded as optimum with this product.

There are some complaints with this product regarding its height. For an average kid of 7-8 years old, sitting on this chair would not be difficult though for 9 years old kids, it can be difficult. Furthermore, if your kids are taller than average kids, they will find it to be difficult to cope with, as the height of the recliner is short. It is good for small kids though, especially from 1 to 5 years old.


Available in various color options, the recliner is suitable for contemporary household. Comfort level of this product is higher than average and in terms of durability, it is also good. The vinyl upholstery is easy to be cleaned and there are no hassles for maintaining it. With features, like cup holder and headrest, the product has become an obvious choice for kids’ recliner for many parents.

8.0 Awesome
  • Durability 8
  • Comfort 8
  • Upholstery 8
  • Price 6
  • Consumer Rating 10
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 5.1

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