Review of Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Brown Leather Kids Recliner


Kids are now going to be able to have the benefit of the comfort which grown-ups experience while seated on a comfy recliner which was fashioned just for them! This is a chair that is characterized by a sturdy wood edge having soft foam and then covered in long-lasting leather upholstery and is meant for your energetic child. You are free to pick from a selection of colors which will go well with your child’s character or bedroom. One of the characteristics of this diminutive recliner is storage arms for kids to be able to store things away and get them back when it is convenient for them.

The features that makes this chair ideal for kids is their Overstuffed stuffing that provides kids with Comfort, Upholstery that can be cleaned easily using a wet Cloth, Storage Arms that are able to be flipped up,  firm Hardwood Frame, elevated Feet of Black Plastic. Its Brown Upholstery is fashioned out of LeatherSoft leather and polyurethane for extra suppleness and permanence.


This product has an appearance that’s sophisticated and draws one’s attention. Its Brown Upholstery is fashioned out of LeatherSoft leather and polyurethane that provides extra suppleness and makes it long-lasting.

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  • The chair is not going to recline but for the child being in a seated pose and drags the ottoman 1” out and so is safe for the child
  • Overstuffed stuffing provides kid with comfort
  • Child’s Recliner
  • Supplementary Headrest Cover is Included in the pack
  • Upholstery that can be cleaned easily using a wet Cloth
  • Storage Arms that can be flipped up
  • Firm Hardwood Frame
  • Elevated feet of Black Plastic


  • Proposed use for kids aged between 3 and 9
  • It has a Weight Limit of 90 lb.
  • Produced in China
  • Fulfills or surpasses CA117 Fire Resistance regulations


Things to be careful about

  • If your kid child has a height of 34 inches don’t purchase because you’ll regret it later.
  • It’s somewhat tough to recline
  • The foot rest machinery is tough

9.2 Awesome
  • Longevity 9.6
  • Protection 9.4
  • Scent 9
  • Complexity 8
  • Price 9.8
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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