Microfiber Kids Recliner for Ultimate Comfort


Reclining chair is one of the best furniture’s to relax on after a stressful day at work. It will help you ease you muscle sprain and fatigues. The reclining chair’s gentle rocking motion can be soothing for all kinds of individuals, ranging from young to old. However, for kids it has been observed that a normal recliner chair can be too big in size to give them the same comfort. Nevertheless, you can gift your child the soft and warm feeling of the recliner chair with the Dark Brown Microfiber Children’s Kids Recliner Chair with Cup Holder.


  • Overstuffed padding for extra comfort.
  • Dark Brown microfiber upholstery.
  • Easy to clean with Damp cloth.
  • Cup holder armrest.
  • Simple assembly required.


  • Sometimes the seat back detaches and flops back several inches.
  • It comes in dismantled form, so assembling is necessary.
  • Sometime the child’s leg can be too short for the chair, but it will grow with age.

  • Dark Brown Microfiber Childrens Kids Recliner Chair With Cup Holder1

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Product Review

If you want your child to sit back, relax after a hectic baseball match or after school, the Dark Brown Microfiber Children’s Kids Recliner Chair with Cup Holder is going to be the perfect match. Your child is just going to love the size as he or she fits perfectly on it. The chair is designed just like the adult version and there is no compromise in architecture at all. Starting from the wooden frame to the plastic cup holder, plush cushions and durable micro fiber cover it’s an absolute beauty in an adorable size. The construction for the chair is good and fits perfectly with the “grow up” furniture in the family.

The chair comes in a dismantled form and needs to be assembled. Though unwrapping can be somewhat tedious but it’s super easy to assemble. You will love the cup holder fitted on to the armrest and the fabric is very easy to clean. You can use Damp cloth to swipe off dirt form the chair. Though the chair has been designer for the younger generations, it has its own popularity among the older kids as well. The chair comes with a very strong framework and can handle the pressure of a 175-pound man. It has over stuffed padding for extra comfort and to prevent the child from getting hurt.

Depending on your pocket, you can choose from a variety of recliner chairs. The more you can relax on your budget the better is going to be its components. Components are the governing factors in terms of the price of the Recliner Chair. So, on the basis of your budget you have to plan your components. However, that does not mean that lower budget will get you poor components. Many components might not be the best in its class but can be good and serve your purpose.


Now even kids can enjoy the comfort that adults have experienced with this comfortable chair as it has been designed to fit their size and requirement. The chair comes with a strong wood frame covered with soft foam and extra soft padding to give your child the ultimate comfort. You can choose from a variety of colors though the dark brown suits best to meet the Childs personality or bedroom. The recliner chair is featured with a cup holder in the arm to keep the drinks during their favorite TV shows or while reading storybooks. In short, it’s a nice comfort that you can gift your child and will also be handy on your pocket.


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