CastleCreek Mission Style Recliner Review


Castlecreek Mission Style Recliner has been observed as a comfortable chair. Meant for relaxation and peace of mind, the recliner is designed to give a head to toe comfort wherever you need. You may want to read a book, check your emails in spare time, prepare for the tasks next day, or think about a creative idea for your next story, and what you don’t want is to lose your concentration. In my view, comfortable recliner proves to be the right resource in such kind of situations. Castlecreek mission style recliner seems to be a product that is not compromised over quality.  While guests are there, the recliner can be used as a sofa as well.

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Product Description

Castlecreek mission style recliner is a heavy product which consists of heavy wood and thick and high density foam, yields comfort and relaxation to essential working organs of the body such as neck, backbone, shoulders, hips, waist, thighs and toes. Polyurethane foam is durable, high quality and long lasting which is specifically made to support and relax the body muscles.

The reclining mechanism is made of heavy duty steel which has a tendency to resist high pressure and is considered as highly reliable. While recliner, the two folded padding can be extended to serve as a footrest. With a weight of 68 pounds and dimension of 33 x 31 x 41”h, this recliner can be used by the people of every age, size and weight. Another important factor that needs to be considered is that there are no middlemen involved in transportation and you can save extra money on purchase and delivery.


Suitable size: Available in a size that is suitable for the people of all age, this recliner may just be the best next to a comfortable foamy and fluffy bed.

Comfortable and Fluffy: Just by looking at it you may observe that the manufacturers must have a keen observation about the pressure points of human body and the muscles that are needed to be relaxed in a specific style which can only be achieved while sitting on a chair. If your back backbone is placed smoothly at the back of the chair and your legs are stretched easily and rested from hips through back of your thighs to calves, your blood circulation gets better that reduces stress from the body.

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Cost effective: The product is available at very affordable price with a 5 year warranty of $35.99 from smart guard.

Two in one: Two fold padding enables the recliner to work as a sofa. In this way you can use it as a chair as well. The side arms aid you to comfortably sit and work on your laptop.


Heavy: Due to the use of thick heavy wood in its manufacturing, this recliner would be difficult to move on carpets, wooden floors, grass and matt. However, it can be moved easily on a marble floor. If you are older or living alone, you may have to find couple of more hands to move this piece of furniture.

Outdoors: It can be placed outdoors but not for a longer duration to save it from being fade from the sunlight

Summary of Customer Reviews

With their views ranging from average to utmost satisfaction, customers have generally been very satisfied with the product. According to some of the customers who are not only using these chairs but also gifting it to their friends and family, the chairs are so comfortable that they would happily spend hours on them. All in all, there is nothing negative in reviews about the product.

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In my view, with more advantages against fewer disadvantages, backed with customers’ satisfaction on the quality and reliability, I would opt to have it in my bed room as a piece of recreation. You do not wish to relax on bed all the time, so it is meant for those small moments when you need a time to regroup and get back to work, or the times when you wish to take the stress out from your body.


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