How To Clean And Care For Your Leather Recliner


Your new leather recliner looks great in your space, and you want to keep it that way. While these chairs can add an elegant and stylish touch to a room, when leather recliners aren’t cared for it can turn into an embarrassing eyesore. It’s not difficult to keep your new leather furniture looking like new, so you will always be proud to show it off.

Caring for Leather Recliners

There are several easy steps you can take to protect and care for all of your leather furniture that will keep it soft, supple, and gleaming. These tips will not only help you keep your new recliner clean, but will also protect it from fading, cracks, and debris. Some of the basic care tips include;

  • All leather experts recommend placing your leather furniture at least two feet away from any type of heating source. This will help prevent the material from drying out and becoming cracked.
  • Direct sunlight will cause your leather reclining chair to fade and become discolored. This is especially true for Nubuk and Aniline leathers.

Understanding Leather Cleaning Codes

On the manufacturer’s tag, you will find a cleaning code for your particular leather chair. This simple code is in place to help you know the safest method to use when cleaning that type of leather furniture. Some cleaning products can cause the material to crack, while the fabric can shrink on others. Knowing what your particular code means can prevent you from making a costly cleaning mistake.

S: Do not use water or detergent based cleaners on this type of leather, since it can cause shrinkage. Only petroleum distillate based cleaners should be used if you own this type of furniture.

W: Only water based cleaners should be used to dust off this type of leather, and all other products should be avoided.

WS: This durable leather material can be cleaned with either petroleum or water based cleaners.

DC: This symbol is for dry clean only, and any type of cleaner can damage the soft, supple leather. It is best to use a dry rag or vacuum to dust and clean the material.

Safely Clean and Protect Your Leather Furniture

Caring and cleaning your leather recliner is not difficult, and the best method is to prevent dirt and stains from forming. Recliner covers or decorative blankets can add a festive touch to the chair, while also protecting it from dust and debris. Covering the fabric will help to keep your furniture looking great when you are not using it, and can be easily removed whenever you want.

One of the simplest ways to safely clean your leather fabric is to gently vacuum it on a regular basis. This will help to remove dirt and debris that can get into the chair’s cracks and crevices, and keeps it looking like new. You do want to be careful and not press to hard on the fabric with the nozzle since leather is remarkably easy to mark and scratch.

Washing Your Leather Recliner

Wiping your leather recliner down is actually easy and you simply need to use the type of cleaner specified for your chair. Using a soft clean cloth, gently wash off all of the accumulated dirt and dust. If you are using petroleum based cleaning solution, it is important to thoroughly rinse the fabric off. Use another soft cloth to completely dry the leather, to prevent cracking and water stains from forming. Not all leather recliners require periodic oiling, but if yours does it is best to do this once it is dry.

Keep Your Recliner Beautiful

Keeping your leather recliner looking like new is not difficult, and many cleaning problems can be avoided with a little maintenance. Protective covers and regular dusting can go a long ways towards keeping your recliner the statement piece it was meant to be.


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