Buying European Recliners – A Few Available Options for You


Recliners are often classified in various types, as per their design, operating modes, functional aspects, etc. c are referred as European style recliners. Typical and authentic European design or architecture has been followed for building these recliners. Contemporary European style recliners, and traditional recliners – both can found in the marketplace. For example, Nordic recliners are categorized under European recliners.

Fjords 775 Bergen Large Leather Recliner Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Lounge

Fjords 775 Bergen Large Leather Recliner Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Lounge Reclining Chair-2If you are looking for high class European recliners, this could simply be your choice for its quality, design and durability in offering. From the first look, the product will clinch your appreciation for its sleek design. Upholstered with high quality leather, this chair is ergonomically designed, providing best support for your neck. The high rise design of this chair prevents your neck to get tired. It aims to give your better blood circulation at your shoulder and back areas, healing chronic aches meticulously. Framing of this recliner has been done with tough quality hardwood. On the other hand, reclining mechanism and console has been constructed with stainless steel material. Though price is on the higher side, this product assures ‘value for money’ services to the buyers.


  • Excellent design – long lasting and high performing
  • Ergonomic design gives high comfort to back and neck areas, igniting proper blood circulation for healing chronic aches or pains
  • Comes with a perfectly matched ottoman


  • Price is high
  • Full reclining is not available – the chair will bend till a certain angle

Scandia European Chair and Ottoman Set

Scandia European Chair and Ottoman Set-1Scandia European Chair and Ottoman Set come with the perfect charm of European furniture. It has a contemporary getup and classy finishing. With black chic leather upholstery, this recliners indeed looks elegant. The frame has been manufactured with hardwood material. The ottoman matches the recliner perfectly, having the same hardwood framing structure. Cushioning has been done impeccably to make this product comfortable for the users. However, the best part of the product is its price tag. With around $467 price tag, this product is a steal.


  • Affordably priced product
  • High quality leather based upholstery
  • Elegant design – hardwood framing


  • A suitable recliner for slim people
  • Full reclining functions are not available
  • Massaging options are good, but not too impressive

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