Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair Review


Your office chair can say a lot about you, and is one of the most important pieces of furniture in an office. It is where you spend most of your time, and where important decisions are made. A cheap, plastic chair can give the impression that you don’t care about your job, while an overstuffed club chair can make you seem out of touch with your employees and your work place.

The best office chair will not only look great behind a desk, it will also help to give you the professional appearance required in many work environments. It will also be comfortable, supportive, and easy to maneuver so you can quickly shift from one desktop task to another. In our search for the best office chair we found the Boss Black Leather Executive Chair and decided to feature it in this review.

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Features and Key Benefits

The chair features supple leather upholstery for a classic and elegant look perfect for any office. This comfortable chair is designed to keep you comfortable through a long day sitting down, and can help to prevent many of the aches and pains we often feel when we try to stand up again. The seat is designed to help relieve leg fatigue, while the cushioned seat pads offers support for your lower back. Curved armrests can give your arms the support they need without getting in the way of your body’s movements, and the pneumatic adjustable seat makes sure that you are always sitting comfortably.

The leather upholstery is durable and easily wipes clean, and the swivel base gives your body all of the support it needs to be able to sit comfortably for hours. A four wheel assembly is also attached to the base, so you can move easily about your office and behind your desk.

Adjustable for Added Comfort

This executive leather office chair is adjustable for added comfort. To use the pneumatic control, you’ll always want to make sure that the same air canister is tightly secured into place and apply slight pressure to the lever on the side of the chair. A few pumps will raise the chair’s height, while depressing the lever for a few seconds will cause it to lower itself back down.

The chair easily adjusts to give you the perfect height and can safely hold up to 250 lbs. To make the chair even better, it is shipped fully assembled to your front door.

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This great looking chair is both comfortable and professional, and makes a perfect addition to any office. Adjustable for added comfort and design to prevent muscle fatigue, this office chair can not only help you look more professional it can also help to enhance your performance.


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