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Kids will always want to imitate their parents. It’s understandable that when they see you in your favorite recliner seated right in front of the living room T.V, kids will want their own, or they’ll want yours. So, the best strategy for keeping their sticky little hands off of your lounger is to get them a childrens recliner of their very own. However as you know, not all recliners even the children friendly ones are made equally, and it takes time to sort through the right products. At least it would have, but this trusty guide is here to make the process effortless and to recommend a few products to give you that head start.

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Choosing the Best Childrens Recliner

When it comes to purchasing a recliner for a child the same basic structure of an adult sized recliner applies.

The four most important factors to keep in mind are the ‘four S’: size, strength, sturdiness and simplicity.

  • Size comes into a factor, because you must note that every child is different in their own way. Remember that just like you, if the recliner is uncomfortable the likelihood of them using it on a regular basis is gone, and then you’ve wasted your money. When purchasing online make sure to pay special attention to the age and weight restrictions given by the manufacturer.
  • Strength is more about the frame of the recliner and without the knowledge it’s easy to overlook. The best way to do this is to simply flip the recliner over and take a look at the inside mechanics. If any sale’s person wants you to merely take their word for it then you may want to avoid that recliner altogether. When you flip the children’s recliner over, you’ll want to note that make of the frame. To avoid easy breakage the best one’s will be made out of a hardwood such as oak or birch and have heavy duty screws and laches. A strong base with support wood beams along the sides are also extremely important, but if hardwood is too expensive then plywood would be the next best choice.
  • Sturdiness speaks more on the fabric and because children are often associated with spills and messes you’ll need a durable material with a well chose color. White and other very light colors are often kid friendly but it’s significant to note that these colors are easy to show stains. Leather is the most durable, wool is resistant to permanent staining and vinyl is less durable but it’s easy to keep clean. It’s important to keep this in mind because cleanliness can be hard for kids.
  • One must also pay attention to the different amenities offered in a children’s recliner, this is the simplicity factor. Cup holders and extension levers for lounging are almost standard but it’s important to not go overboard on the amenities because you’re going to be paying extra for features your child probably won’t even use.

Keeping a child’s nature in mind, know that buying them a recliner won’t bind them to a chair for hours on end. However, if it’s something your child truly wants, then keep these factors in mind and you’ll be sure to pick the right recliner for your child.

Recommended Top 3 Childrens Recliners

Flash Furniture Deluxe Heavily Padded Vinyl Kids Recliner with Storage Arms

The Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Vinyl Kids Recliner is a highly ranked children’s recliner with individuals on Amazon giving it a 4.6 out of 5 stars. Made from a combination of hardwood framing with a steel finish, this lounger is amazingly sturdy with the strength that children’s recliners need. The upholstery is made up of a vinyl that’s easy to clean, with an overstuffed foam filling that gives this recliner a soft and comfortable feeling. It’s important to note that the makers of this specific chair recommends an intended age of 3 to 9 years old and a maximum weight of 90 pounds, or else the frame is likely to be compromised. The modest beige color is mellow enough to compliment any color pattern already in the living room. With a simple reclining feature and flip able storage arms that are deep enough to hold snacks, being a great choice for kids recliner.

Kidz World Oxygen Pink Kids Recliner

Every little girl usually loves the color pink and this recliner is the absolutely perfect gift for yours. For the budding princess in your life, this children’s recliner is the chair for any 18 month to 3 year old who adores polka dots and pink. With a plastic cup holder resting in the right-hand arm rest and a comfy over-stuffed polyester filling in the arms and back you’ll have much more trouble getting your kid out of the chair than into it. The frame is sturdy, made of a mixture of hardwood and steel that will be just as resilient as your own recliner, all with a matching footrest. The Kidz World Oxygen Pink Kids Recliner is the definition of safety and comfort, the epitome of a girly child recliner.

Flash Furniture Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder

Shrink down your very own recliner and you have this child friendly lounge chair perfect for comfort. The little professional in your child will truly appreciate the similarities this chair will hold to your own. With a strong and durable wood crafted frame this recliner was built to last. Then there’s the incredibly soft foam overstuffing that gives this recliner its comfort. The upholstery holding all of the padding here together is made of vinyl with a natural coloring that is sure to match up perfectly with yours. Suited for ages of 3 to 9 years old with a weight limit of 90 pounds, this children’s recliner is easy to clean and holds all the standards for a safe recliner. Amenities include a cup holder and foot rest, similar to an adult sized recliner as a ideal modern recliner for children’s.


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