The Best 2 Position Recliners Review


There are several types of recliners, but the most popular is the 2 position reclining chair. These comfortable and supportive chairs are stylish, affordable, and designed to fit in almost any room. Two position reclining chairs are easy to operate, and can help ease lower back pain. If you have been considering purchasing a reclining chair, there are a few models you might want to consider. Here are our picks for the most comfortable two position recliners.

Top Rated 2 Position Recliners

ACME 00630 Arcadia Recliner

ACME 00630 Arcadia ReclinerLike its name suggests, this comfortable chair features two positions and is easy to operate. When you are fully reclined, the cushioned leg rest extends outward to provide addition comfort and support. The side lever is incredibly easy for anyone to pull, and the seat features wrapped coils for additional support for your lower back. Upholstered in durable microfiber material, this two position recliner is designed to fit beautifully in any room in your house.


  • Like all traditional 2 position recliners, it is easy to operate and extremely affordably priced.
  • You have the advantage of the durable microfiber material that is durable, and easy to wipe clean.
  • Along with extra cushioning for comfort, you also have the benefit of supportive seat coils to help relieve muscle stress and pain.


  • The traditional style of this recliner looks great in any room, but it might not appeal to those who prefer furniture with a more modern and contemporary design.
  • This recliner does require more than 3 inches of space to recline, and may not fit smaller living areas.

Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91 Leather Rocker Recliner

Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91 Leather Rocker ReclinerThis two position recliner features a side lever that is easy to pull, and the attached foot rest provides plenty of support for your lower back and legs. The blended leather upholstery is durable and soft, and the extra cushioning keeps you comfortable in any position. You also have the advantage of the smooth gliding motion, which can soothe and relax you after a hard day. Its masculine design is ideal for dens and family rooms, and you will also appreciate its affordable price.


  • This overstuffed recliner features a deeper size seat, which is ideal for larger adults.
  • The side reclining mechanism is extremely easy to pull, and the chair also locks to prevent dangerous rocking.
  • With the added of advantage of being able to rock in the upright position, it is easy to relax in this two position recliner.


  • This rocker recliner is priced slightly higher than other two position chairs, and might not be ideal for all budgets.
  • The blended leather is durable and easy to clean, but the masculine style might not appeal to all consumers.

Deluxe Contemporary Kids Recliner by Flash FurnitureDeluxe Contemporary Kids Recliner by Flash Furniture

We all know that children like to emulate adults, and this stylish two position recliner is designed just for them. You will both love its traditional style that blends in beautifully with your existing furniture. This is one of the best recliners for children, and the side lever is extremely easy for smaller hands to pull. Upholstered in easy to clean microfiber material, it also includes convenient storage compartments in the arms.


  • This is the best recliner for children with its comfortable and easy to clean upholstery.
  • The compartments in the arms are ideal for storing you child’s favorite small toys.
  • You have the advantage of the stylish design and affordable price, while your toddler will love having his own reclining chair.


  • While the storage compartments are convenient, it can be difficult to clean out spilled drinks or food.
  • This children’s recliner is only designed for toddlers and children up to 3′ tall, which should be taken into consideration depending on your toddler’s height.

Flash Furniture AM-9320-4172-GG Contemporary Rocker Recliner

Flash Furniture AM-9320-4172-GG Contemporary Rocker ReclinerThe soft fabric and plush cushioning easily makes this one of the top rated two position recliners, and it is also priced to fit almost any budget. The reclining mechanism is easy to pull, and you’ll love the attached leg rest which can relieve lower back pain. It is proudly manufactured in the USA, and the durable foam is wrapped for long lasting support. When you are not fully reclined you can enjoy the gentle gliding motion, and its compact size makes this reclining chair ideal for smaller spaces.


  • This is one of the best recliners made in the U.S., and it features a comfortable and long lasting construction.
  • You have the advantage of the extra foam cushioning, and the compact design is ideal for small living areas.
  • The plush microfiber material is soft to the touch, and also easy to wipe clean.


  • It should be mentioned that this reclining chair is designed to be slightly smaller, and might not be ideal for larger adults.
  • While it is comfortable and supportive, the traditional styling might not suit all consumers’ personal tastes.

Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078 Leather Rocker Recliner

Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078 Leather Rocker ReclinerIf you are looking for a comfortable leather two position recliner, this might be the perfect chair for you. It features a wider construction that is ideal for larger adults, and you will appreciate the recliner’s comfortable design after a long day at work. You have the benefit of the extra padding in the seat and arms, and the attached footrest helps to relieve lower back pain. The bonded leather is soft to the touch, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to care for. Sophisticated and designed for larger men, it is not hard to see why this recliner is a consumer favorite.


  • This leather two position recliner is designed to be comfortable and supportive, and is ideal for larger adults.
  • The soft leather upholstery is easy to care for, and gives the recliner an elegant and sophisticated appearance.
  • The side reclining lever is easy to pull, and the attached footrest provides plenty of comfortable support.


  • Some consumers may not appreciate the masculine design of this comfortable recliner.
  • The leather upholstery can make placing this recliner in a room difficult when you are trying to avoid windows, and direct sunlight.

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