Bello HTS100BN Double Arm Recliner Review


Reclining chairs are one of the finest modes of relaxation and comfort. They offer ultimate luxury at your doorstep. Available in different forms, recliners have earned their own demand over the years.  They go easy on your pocket and acts as an ultimate stress reliever. They come with certain medical facilities as well.  From digestive problems to pain reliever, recliners have been a true solution provider. With the advancement of technology, the reclining process has been simplified and now it can be easily controlled with the push of a button or a lever. The Bello HTS100BN Double Arm Recliner (Brown) is one of the finest recliner chairs available.


  • It comes with an elegant back finish constructed out of luxurious leather.
  • Optimum positioning and support for perfect viewing experience.
  • Cup holders made of stainless steel.


  • Pulling out the footrest can be tedious.
  • Cushion needs time to soften up.

  • Bello HTS101BN Left-Arm Reclining Chair (Brown)1

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Product Review

The Bello HTS100BN Double Arm Recliner (Brown) is made out of luxurious leather and fine tailoring all around the body. The chair has been designed in a particular manner to give you the perfect comfort while you enjoy a movie on your home theater.  It has finger-tip controls which are hidden cleverly inside the cushions and does not disturb the artistic finish of the chair. Even the lever mechanism has been designer in the same manner. The stainless steel cup holder provides ample space for keeping your accessories such as drinks, remotes and can be easily detached when required. This eases the process of cleaning.

The dimensions of the chair are 36.5 inches in width, 39.5 inches in height and 37.75 inches in depth while in upright position. When fully reclined the dimensions change to 36.5 inches in width, 32.5 inches in height and 62.75 inches in depth. It is available in two elegant colors, brown and black. The full reclined position for this chair only takes a space of 3 inches saving a huge amount of space. This reclining mechanism is based on Quality Leggett and Platt Zero which makes compact and smooth reclining possible.

The chair comes with a CMS or Cable Management System, which helps in organizing and hiding interconnected cables and wires. It comes with multiple numbers of decorative panels, which can be used as 3-shelf stand-alone table.


It is one of the best-doubled arm recliner which gives you the luxurious look and comfort of a expensive leather finished chair. It can prove to be your best companion while you spend your time watching your favorite movie. It takes very little reclining space saving a lot of your room area for other our purposes and adds to the beauty of your drawing or living room. The cleverly hidden switches can be activated with just a touch and remain invisible. The cup holder is a very handy adds on for your accessories, which comes with high amount of portability. In short, it is a good recliner with lot of features and comes at a very handy price.


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