600159 2 Piece Modern Swivel Gliding Rocking Recliner Chair Review


During a tiring day at the office or after a heavily stressful experience, all you need to feel better and more relaxed is to seat on your comfy recliner and pop those legs onto the soft ottoman. There are many recliners available in the market conducive to stress relief, and they are in huge demand. The most popular ones have swivels with adjusting knobs to guide or control the back pitch. One of the top-rated recliners is the #600159 2 piece modern swivel gliding, rocking recliner chair with metal ottoman, and it is also priced to fit any budget.


  • The recliner is very comfortable. The soft cushion on the seat as well as on the arm rest makes the relaxing worth the pleasure. The beautiful upholstery blends neatly with the room’s decor.
  • This 2 piece set comes with an ottoman that makes the arrangement even more comfortable.
  • The chair can swivel with the help of the adjustable knob to control the pitch of the back.
  • The dimensions of the chair are so absolutely perfect for any and every person, regardless of their size.


  • While the blended leather recliner is easy to assemble, it does arrive in two pieces.
  • Like any other upholstery, vacuuming is necessary, especially in homes where someone has a dust allergy.

  • 600159 2PC Modern Swivel Gliding, Rocking Recliner Chair With Metal Ottoman In Choco

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Product Review:

One of the first things that you will notice about this #600159 2 piece modern swivel gliding, rocking recliner chair with metal ottoman is its beautiful blended upholstery that is just perfectly fit for your den, office, or living room. The smooth material is soft to the touch and feels luxuriously comfortable to sit on. If you are looking for a beautiful piece of furniture for your space which does not have a cheap-looking micro-fiber cover on it, then this is the very product you are seeking. This recliner is absolutely perfect, even for people suffering from back problems.

The comfortable padded arm rest makes it even cosier. This, coupled with the padded headrest, is the perfect relaxing piece for you.

This 2 piece recliner comes with an equally beautiful and comfortable ottoman. The set comes in the same color. The metal frame has a comfortable cushion. You can either use the recliner alone or pair it up with the ottoman for resting your feet. The chair and the ottoman are wrapped in perfect soft chocolate chenille.

This soft, cosy, and comfortable recliner swivels the full 360 degrees and is the best in its class. There is an adjustable knob which helps the chair to swivel, and it also helps to control the reclining part of it. The bottom of the chair is open and not blocked, so it helps to keep the floor clear.

The chair is of the right size and dimension for anyone. It is suited for people of every height. The beautiful structure and design helps you to comfortably fit in the chair.

The chair is not at all heavy and can easily be carried in your SUV comfortably. It is very easy to install.


The #600159 2 piece modern swivel gliding, rocking recliner chair with metal ottoman not only looks luxurious but is also extremely comfortable. The padded arm rest, the soft cushioned recliner, and the equally beautiful ottoman make it the perfect piece of furniture for your home. This recliner is in fact suitable for people suffering from severe back pains. With luxurious upholstery, this is more than furniture; it is a beautiful showpiece for your home!


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