Your Guide for Best Recliners of 2016

which recliner to buyAre you looking for the best recliner for your needs and desires? With the number of recliners available on the market—from two-position recliners to rocker recliners to massage recliners—it can be difficult to choose.

That’s why here at, we guide you to find the perfect recliner for you. We can tell you which ones are the best lift recliners and the best massager, which ones are our favorites for back pain and our favorites for durability.

We provide everything from recliner reviews to buying guides, and even maintenance tips to keep your chair in ultimate condition for years to come.

To get started on our spectacular content, here are our picks for the best recliners of 2016. These are seriously fantastic.

Best Push-Back Recliner

Lucas Brown Leather Recliner Club Chair

  • Lucas-Brown-Leather-Recliner-Club-Chair-View1Fits Well in Restricted Spaces
  • Easy to Install
  • May Have Wrinkles
  • Not Height Friendly

This Lucas recliner is the most sophisticated yet with its beautiful, glossy leather. It’s extra-large, but still fits into some pretty tight spaces due to its streamline design. One of our favorite things about this chair is how simple it is to assemble. Anyone should be able to do it, and it should only take approximately 10 minutes.

Although it may have some wrinkles and a straying flap on the backside, its ability to fit close to the wall makes this an easy problem to fix. Another downside is that it’s not especially comfortable for taller buyers. While reclined, a person’s head may lose support. Still, this recliner is a great cross between comfort and class.

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Best Lift Recliner

Mega Motion LC-200 3 Position Lift Recliner

  • Mega Motion LC-200 3 Position Lift ReclinerWide Color Selection
  • Incredible Lift Options
  • Mostly Suitable for Thinner People
  • You Might Take a Tumble

We love what Mega Motion did with this lift recliner. For starters, the color selection is fabulous. There are 6 different calming colors to choose from. One thing to note, however, is that it is a smaller chair, so it may not be as comfortable for more heavyset buyers.

The electrically motorized lift allows a person to sit in 3 different positions, creating optimum comfort. Just be careful not to slip out of the chair while it’s moving and it should be a fantastic experience. And it’s heavy duty, lifting up to 325 lbs effortlessly. Whether you’re purely unwinding from the day or recovering from an injury, this is the perfect recliner for extensive relaxation.

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Best Massage Recliner

T & D Enterprises BT-7672 Massaging Recliner and Ottoman

  • T & D Enterprises BT-7672 Massaging Leather ReclinerPerfect for Even the Office
  • Lasts a Lifetime
  • 5 Preprogrammed Massage Settings
  • Resistant to Stains and Cracking

Are you a gamer? Or do you spend long days at the office? This professional looking recliner offers absolute functionality and comfortability with its slim, but double padded design. While the double padding is definitely a plus, the massage feature on this chair is the real highlight. With its 5 preprogrammed settings, it will rub out all your sore muscles, from your back to your thighs and lower legs.

Even better, it’s built to last a lifetime and has an included warranty, so you can trust it will keep giving you top-notch massages for years to come. On top of that, it’s light and easy to clean. With a vacuum or wet towel in hand, any crumbs or spills from your afternoon snack and drink can be swiftly removed. The upholstery is durable and stain resistant—a cherry on top of this already wonderful design.

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Early renderings of recliners simply allowed a person the ability to relax with the feet elevated, but today’s offerings of the popular seating option, present consumers with a wealth of options and features.  Consumers are now able to choose options that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Overstuffed
  • Wall huggers
  • Heated
  • Massaging
  • Gliders

Modern day recliners can also be designed to assist users in standing up and can be outfitted with convenient options that include the following:

  • Cup holders
  • Lift systems
  • Storage compartments

With the new options, features and more that are available, it can become quite overwhelming when shopping for a new recliner. Additionally, consumers are often found baffled in regards to how to properly maintain their beloved piece of furniture. This is where we here at BestRecliner .net come into play. We are here to supply you with all that you need to find your ideal recliner match as well as maintenance and decorating tips. We have done the work for you and we deliver you impeccable advice, and more via:

  • Creative design options
  • Buying guides
  • Product reviews
  • Product maintenance tips and guides